Friday, 16 October 2009

Knitting in School

Don't you wish you had knitting lessons in school? Research evidence shows that children benefit hugely from crafts. Anecdotal evidence collected by Stitchlinks suggests that people may learn more effectively when knitting. Teachers in the States use knitting in the classroom to constructively occupy kinaesthetic learners (those who tap and fidget whilst taking in information) and those with ADHD. People with dyslexia and dyspraxia say it helps them become more coordinated, improves hand/eye coordination AND helps them organise their thought processes. It's also used to manage disruptive behaviour.

But can knitting actually improve memory? A project based at Cardiff University, which is currently looking for funding, will look at whether knitting affects memory span and recall and we'll be working closely with them.

We'd like to encourage more school-based knitting groups. Whether it be a social group set up to improve communication between governors, teachers, parents and the wider community or one for pupils only. If you're interested in running one you'll find 'Setting up and Running a School-based Group' on our Specialist Pack page early next week. You'll receive a link to this page when you download our Core Pack - and it's free!


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