Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Your December iknitlinks newsletter should be sitting in your inbox.

Things are progressing well with specialist projects and social groups in the pipeline. I shall be over seeing a knitting group at a special needs school in Bath from January 14th onwards. it's going to be run by two volunteers who are ex teachers which is just perfect. The group will contain parents, teachers and children. We also hope to develop a knitting program with the sensory awareness teachers and have opened up an avenue of communication between experts at the local pain unit and the school - I believe there is some cross over in the 'treatments' they can offer, so that's exciting.

Christmas seems to be hurtling towards me very quickly - so much so that I was busily arranging a meeting for next Friday when someone kindly reminded me it was Christmas day!

Things on the research front are also hotting up - I have costing to do for the whole project by Monday and I'm away on Sunday - gulp.

Plus of course there is the 'normal' Christmas stuff!