Monday, 7 February 2011

Radio Programme take 2!

If you listened to the Radio Programme, Airing Pain on February 1st as I did, you will already have realised that our knitting group didn't feature. The decision was taken to air our bit in a different programme which will now feature on February 15th at 11am and 8pm on as before. I wonder if we'll have the whole programme to ourselves!

I have to say it's a bit nerve wracking being at the mercy of the producer re what airs and what gets left in the editing room! And I've found it worse when I'm on the radio than when I submit an article for print, so fingers crossed the message gets across!


Monday, 31 January 2011

On the radio

Our group at the Royal United Hospital's Pain Clinic is on the radio tomorrow - Tuesday February 1st. It will feature as part of Pain Concern's series entitled Airing Pain. This programme, No 10 is called 'Pain Services in Bath'. You can listen to it at 11am and 8pm on and it will also be available as a podcast later the same day.

The producer interviewed me, the clinic's clinical psychologist and members of our knitting group, plus I had to teach him to knit 'on air'! Fortunately he learned very quickly and enjoyed it and I owe a debt of gratitude to his grandmother who taught him to knit 47 years ago. After all this time the movements were still lodged in his subconscious!

I'm not sure what will be aired and what lies on the editorial floor, but I hope you enjoy it.