Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Our 'Setting up and Running a Health-based Knitting Group' Pack is now available to those who download a Core Pack. You will be sent a link to the appropriate page which will contain all our specialist packs.

We have two new social groups added today, plus a new pattern donated by The Arran Knitting Company, so thank you to them. A link on our links page will take you to their website which has some great information on introducing knitting into the classroom.

I'm currently working from two computers as I make the leap from PC to Mac! This transition time is very frustrating though as some days my computers can 'see' each other over the network and sometimes they can't and it seems to be completely arbitrary!

Today has been great as being my birthday I've had a complete break from my computer problems, had coffee with my eldest son this morning then off for a few hours knitting with my group at the hospital plus of course some birthday cake. When I got home, youngest son had arranged a Happy Birthday sign in candles on the kitchen table, plus some more choccie cake. A good way to spend the day!


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