Thursday, 26 November 2009

Making progress

Setting Up and Running a School-based Knitting Group is now available on your Specialist Packs page of the iknitlinks website. Thank you to those who contributed ideas and invaluable information.

I've been writing a specification / job description for a Knitting Advocate today. It is currently being reviewed by Gerard and Lorraine, so will be available soon.

Some of you may have seen the article in Take a Break magazine recently. We're happy to announce that we'll be working with them on a further article soon.

I'm also involved with setting up a knitting group at a fabulous special school here in Bath so will keep you updated on that project. We aim to get it up and running in the New Year, so if anyone is interested in setting up a similar project please get in touch. Gerard and Lorraine are developing other projects - details will be revealed when we know a little more.

If you're after materials for your group we'll be able to supply them soon. We will have basic kits containing wool, needles and pattern for £3.50 plus postage. There will also be spare needles and wool available plus group packages which give your group even better value for money, so please keep checking in!


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Schools Pack

I recently sent out our 'Setting up and Running an Schools-based Knitting Group' draft pack to teacher friends of mine and I've had a lot of great feedback. I've spent today adding their very practical comments so the pack should be available on the Specialist Packs page of the iknitlinks website very soon. You can access this page when you download our Core Pack.

We have lots of exciting projects in the planning at the moment so my mind is whirring with ideas. I just wish there were more hours in the day! Just off to my local pub-based knitting group at The Bear in Bath now. If you're ever visiting this beautiful city call in -we meet at 7pm every Wednesday evening.


PS Look out for tomorrow's (5th November) Take a Break magazine - there should be a knitting article featuring us.